Zigaboo Modeliste is one of the greatest drummers in the history of pop music
– The New Yorker

Modeliste is probably the most brillant American Funk percussionist of the contemporary era.
– David Marsh, Book of Rock Lists

“Godfather of Groove”
– Downbeat Magazine

All what propelled by what hip-hop producer Lucas “Cut Chemist” McFadden calls Modeliste “less is more” drumming. Public Enemy’s Hank Shocklee says “That is what the formula for funk and hip-hop as we know it.”
– San Francisco Chronicle

After Leo Nocentelli’s guitar or Art Neville’s organ or even George Porter’s bass states the theme, the soloist on your mind is nonpareil drummer Ziggy Modeliste. Zigaboo articulated his beats so eccentrically they’re hooky.
– Rolling Stone, 2005

Zig is like the Elvin Jones of New Orleans Funk. A lot of things that Zig played, you can’t learn it and you can’t imitate it. It’s based on the African. There is a strong 6/8 feel to it.
– Downbeat Magazine

The Meters’ drummer, Zigaboo Modeliste plays a rhythm so hectic you worry he won’t get back to the downbeat in time. Given only a few staccato guitar chords to work with, Amerie sings an energetic, lighthearted love song, calling out the lyrics as if she were playing some game.
– New York Times, Critics Notebook March 2005

Washington, D.C. -based producer Rich Harrison hears the track for the first time in May of 2004. I love the Meters: New Orleans music is very close to D.C. Go-Go, very percussive and chant oriented. And Ziggy, he’s crazy
– Blender 2005

They don’t call him the king of the funky drums for nuthin, Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste practically invented funk
– Dirty Linen

Well, there’s Ziggy Modeliste from the Meters. Now he’s a genius. Nobody can play what he plays, the way he plays. He’s got a whole ‘nother thing happening
– Wax Poetics, #14 Fall

Not only are the beats snappy and tight, they’re pretty darned tricky to replicate. what’s more, the drums on these records sound perfect-a bit distant, dry, and tight.
– Modern Drummer

Amerie:1 Thing R&B Jam of the year: The crazy in love drums sound live but they’re sampled from the Meters’ 1970 “Oh Calcutta!,” looped by D.C. producer Rich Harrison into bongo funk while Amerie hangs on by her nails. Drummer hero Ziggy Modeliste proves New Orleans will never, never die.
– The top 10 singles Rolling Stone 2006

Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste, I’m On the Right Track
From the beginning of this enjoyable record, Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste stakes his claim to the throne that he was, is and will be the funkiest drummer on the planet. Zig’s contemporary sound is different from most rhythm and blues these days because it still has the sound and the unmistakable sound of real instruments
– www.bestofneworleans.com

….Everything clicks on I’m on the Right Track captures the band’s sound perfectly and provides a platform for Modeliste’s crisp straight-ahead drum sound on a strong collection of catch, melodically strong tunes.
– Sonics ***** (5 star) Sterophile

“One of the most influential drummers EVER!”
– Stickit Magazine

“Created what is considered to be among the most groundbreaking funk music of all time!
– Drum! Magazine