The GodFather of Groove Salutes America’s great president. “O-B-A-M-A Obama” (Obama Groove) released to support Barack Obama. Attending the Democratic National Conventionin 2008, a legend in American music was moved by the intelligence, composure and the promise of real change by the party’s dynamic nominee, Barack Obama. Compelled to do much more than to provide 1 vote to the Obama campaign, Ziggy “King of the funky drums” Modeliste, did what he does best, which is music. Upon returning home the legendary Meters drummer and masterpiece rhythm creator (timeless hits; “Cissy Strut”, ‘People Say”, etc) completed a composition that supports Obama’s insistence for change and offers its own mantra with Zig’s patented groove, “O-B-A-M-A, Obama”. “Obama Groove” was produced to contribute much more to the Obama campaign.