With elements of rock, funk, and blues on a timeless R&B base, this record features the iconic drumming and celebratory songwriting style of Zigaboo and his hometown of New Orleans. It also incorporates the talents of several music icons including legendary arranger Wardell Quezerque.  “New Life,” which is also the title of the lead single, offers musical reflection and healing for the everyday ups and downs we all face and a heavy dose of rejuvenating spirit. “At the Mardi Gras” elaborates on the epicenter of New Orleans musical culture, the Carnival heritage. “Human Race” is an inspiring message from Zigaboo that “every man, woman, child of every nationalityshould be concerned with the human race as it is sacred.” Zigaboo’s songwriting talent is best featured on “Holiday Kiss” which is destined to be a classic ballad for all seasons. Taken in full, this album reminds the listener of all that can be gained from a fresh outlook on life while enriching them in a spiritual way with grooves, soul, and funk purism.