news_banners_r9_c1Any Saturday night in Los Angeles is going to have a plethora of entertainment options, but it’s always a special treat to catch one of the most influential music masters of the 20th century in an intimate setting. As the drummer for The Meters, Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste is one of those players.>more
news_banners_r1_c1Zigaboo Modeliste has proved on again that he is, at very least, one of the funkiest men on the planet with his new album “New Life”. Wildman Steve The Corner News, Oct, 2011
news_banners_r2_c1Zigaboo Modeliste gives us the revitalizing funk that we all need. ….a joyful, carefree collection of upbeat dance songs and mellow R & B grooves. “New Life” also demonstrates Zig’s ability to incorporate other styles into his music, from the bubbly poppiness of “Was Not Mean To Be” to the blade’s edge blues guitar solo in “New Life” he supports it all with the backbone of his impeccably funky drumming. Relix Magazine Review, Oct 2011
news_banners_r3_c1In Funk, It all starts with the beat, and no drummer is tighter or snappier than Ziggy Modeliste. He’s been compulsively funky over the past decade, releasing a series of ever-grooving solo albums, including his latest “New Life”. LA Weekly October 2011
news_banners_r4_c1“New Life” has this whole positive vibe of it. Every Track has this great optimism to it, it’s so upbeat and it’s thinking about the future in a positive way. Jambands October 2011
news_banners_r6_c1RE:Generation Music Project. The project is a series of 5 documentary films made about the history of the music genre with a discovery angle told through the eyes of a DJ/producer in each genre. During the film a collaboration of a song created was titled “A La Modeliste” that also features Erykah Badu, Mos Def, Trombone Shorty and members of the Dap Kings. Click here for the trailer just released today exclusively on – website
news_banners_r7_c1Currently Zig is in studio with Don Lombardi’s Drum Channel.www.drumchannel.comfinalizing his lst volume of his DVD. Ziggy’s DVD is an educational entertaining historical perspective on Zigaboo Modeliste’s New Orleans traditional yet innovative style of drumming. The DVD “Zigaboo Modeliste’s” Vol 1 will be available early 2012
news_banners_r8_c1“New Life” is his latest and best…. an amazing slide of funk rendered…provides further proof that Modeliste’s fountain of rhythmic imagination show no signs of running dry – Lee Hildebrand, Living Blues-